Prices for portait photography in Marlow & High Wycombe

Offering a professional service, there is a cost involved.  May I offer you a guide price for commissioning your own portrait shoot?

The minimum for a 2 hour professional studio shoot session in High Wycombe is £260 (n VAT involved).  My service is ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ and no cost if not totally satisfied.  This service covers:

  1. Briefing session (No cost or commitment when making an initial enquiry)
  2. Studio for 2 hours
  3. Agreed existing props
  4. View images at the session on laptop
  5. Viewing session at agreed location of final proposed images to define the approved 10 to be provided on a CD.
  6. CD of the final 10 approved images )LORES suitable for internet, mobile phone, small prints)
  7. Copyright statement and confirmation that your images will not be shown to third parties without your permission.

Additional, quoted separately

  1. If you require a professional hair and make-up
  2. Special print e.g. wall print A3 canvas
  3. Location shoot – travel, parking and any other direct costs.

Visit Contact page now to make an enquiry for your own portraits shoot.  There is no commitment until you decide to go ahead.